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1-5 Tonnes

Width: 750mm
Digging Depth: 1.7M
Height: 2.23M
Width: 750mm
Digging Depth: 2.1M
Height: 2.38M
Width: 1M
Digging Depth: 2.19M
Height: 2.38M
Width: 1.45M
Digging Depth: 2.3M
Height: 2.43M
Width: 1.55M
Digging Depth: 2.7M
Height: 2.48M
Width: 1.96M
Digging Depth: 3.55M
Height: 2.55M

The mini digger offers you a lot of power to a tighter area, commonly used for small to medium sized jobs, mini diggers are able to navigate a smaller site and bring the necessary muscle to get a through the tougher jobs. They are more economical choice and you would require training on the machinery to operate.

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